San Francisco

Hurricane Patricia: Bay Area Residents Wait to Hear from Family in Mexico

Bay Area residents with family in areas hit by the record-breaking Hurricane Patricia can only pray for the best.

Louie Guitierrez, who owns a bakery in San Francisco's Mission District, has been waiting to hear from family. He sent a Facebook message to family back in Mexico while working on Friday afternoon, but did not get a reply for several hours.

Gutierrez eventually got the call he was waiting for that would give him peace of mind.

"They're protected by the Sierra Madre, which will keep them out of the center of the eye," Gutierrez said of his family in Mexico.

The same could not be said for Juan Mosqueda, a local customer at Gutierrez's bakery.

Mosqueda said his family's home in Mexico is affected by the hurricane.

"The caretaker in Barra Navidad told me the roof on the third floor blew off," Mosqueda said.

Mosqueda is preparing for the worst and plans to fly to the Jalisco area of Mexico once it is safe to do so.

"Right now I'm kind of nervous," Mosqueda said.

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