‘I think there's a Komodo Dragon under my car:' Vacaville Police Return Lost Iguana to Owner

The Vacaville Police Department found an iguana roaming the city’s streets early on Thursday.

"I think there's a Komodo Dragon under my car...," the agency joked on their Facebook page.

“As officers headed to the call, they prepared their best Hiccup maneuvers and prepared to battle with their own Night Fury in the remote Viking Village of Vacaville.

Thankfully, there were no massive reptiles with poisonous saliva waiting, but just an errant iguana. Officers quickly rounded up the lost lizard and gave him a ride back to the PD.

So, here's a new question for our Facebook followers. Anyone missing a reptile friend?”

Vacaville police posted an update on their Instagram page Friday saying the scaly little creature had been reunited with its owner. They also reported that she hadn’t escaped too far:

“More interesting creatures we come across at work ... This beautiful gal made a temporary escape from home, but we were able to catch her before she made it too far, and help reunite her with her owner.”

Iguanas are one of the most intelligent reptiles, and pet iguanas escaping from their owner’s homes are not too rare actually. While iguanas are known to make wonderful pets, they become very large around ten years old and can get a bit aggressive.

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