In 2041 Apple Will Take Over the World, Perhaps

If you're a true Apple fanboy, you probably dream about a world where there really is an app for just about everything.

But could this Apple-centric thinking go too far? Watch this video about an iWorld in 2041, and then you tell me. 

Created by a Hong Kong based YouTuber called Ming, his vision of an Apple dominated world 30 years from now is either a dream or a nightmare, depending on how you feel about what comes out of Cupertino.

In 2041 Apple will launch the iPhone 44G, which is a good thing seeing as you're going to be using it for everything from cooking your breakfast to sharing an iBeer after work with your friends.

Is this really that far fetched? Considering how far Apple has come in the last 30 years, perhaps not.

Via YouTube

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