In-N-Out Heiress Is Young American Female Billionaire

Lynsi Torres, 30, is the In-N-Out Burger empire's CEO and sole owner

Think Double-Doubles. Think Animal fries.

And think the youngest American female billionaire, at 30 years old.

Lynsi Torres is the CEO of In-N-Out burger and is "one of the youngest female billionaires on earth," according to Bloomberg News.

Torres inherited the family business -- built by her grandparents from a chain of one in Baldwin Park, Calif. to a West Coast hamburger empire beloved by customers as well as revenue-eager cities and counties -- from family members after a series of them died young, in unexpected circumstances, of unnatural causes, the news service reported.

Torres's father, Harry Guy Snyder, became CEO in 1993 after Rich Snyder, 41, died in a plane crash. Then Harry Guy Snyder died in 1999 at 49 of a prescription drug overdose.

Finally, Torres took control of the company -- and she is the sole owner -- in 2006. Or at least not yet, legally: In 2006, at age 24, she was the sole beneficiary of a trust that gave her half-ownership of the chain at 30, and then will give her full ownership when she turns 35, in 2017, the news service reported.

She has guarded her privacy zealously, granting no interviews and surprising even restaurant industry consultants, who were surprised to hear of an In-N-Out burger granddaughter.

The business model of the burger chain is legendary in its simplicity and effectiveness. Hamburger patties are made at only two distribution facilities, from fresh chuck delivered by butchers. Restaurants operate within a day's drive maximum from Baldwin Park and Dallas, where the second distribution center opened in 2011, Bloomberg reported.

The trucks have oversized tires to allow for greater visibility of the logo, the news service reported, and the chain's simple menu allows for maximum efficiency and 20 percent profit margins.

Torres enjoys drag-racing, one of the few places in which she maintains a public profile.

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