San Francisco

Resist Trump: Hundreds of Local Groups Vow to Combat President's Orders

Less than two weeks into his presidency, Donald Trump has been blasted by waves of criticism.

But the anti-Trump movement isn't just a ragtag nationwide phenomenon. It's becoming hyperlocal and organized.

The online group Indivisible, which is pieced together with former congressional staffers, recently published a Google Doc — now morphed into an online guide — filled with how-tos when it comes to defying the elected leader's agenda. Since that time, thousands of local collectives across the nation with the goal of speaking out against Trump's actions have adopted the guide and utilized its inside tips to spark advocacy.

Several hundred local groups in the Bay Area, ranging from "The Resistrump" in Redwood City to "Alameda Nasty Women," have been identified by Indivisible as bands of people gathered to "resist Trump's agenda, focus on local, defensive congressional advocacy, and embrace progressive values."

A majority of the Bay Area groups are clustered in San Francisco and in the East Bay cities of Oakland and Berkeley. Other factions have cropped up along the Peninsula and in the South Bay.

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