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‘Indivisible:' Three Snapshots of South Bay Anti-Trump Groups

Dozens of political action groups have popped up around the South Bay as residents are joining factions of a national group called Indivisible, an anti-Trump resistance group which organizes individuals to be politically engaged at local and regional levels.

More than 4,500 small political groups have popped up around the nation following the Inauguration of President Donald Trump.

While each group exists to “resist the Trump agenda,” members in various cities have designated focus areas organic to their area.

Below is a snapshot of the top agendas of three South Bay Indivisible groups.

South Bay Indivisible Groups


Indivisible Milpitas is focused on connected with as many members of congress as possible.

In an email, administrators said the group will participate in Rep. Ro Khanna’s (D-17) upcoming town hall and any other events where they can “show support to the good work they are doing, make issues that are important known to them, and maybe ask specific items that we would like more checks/balances on.”

While the group does meet in person, much of the interaction is online between its dozen Facebook group members.


The Orchard City Indivisible group includes members of Campbell and surrounding communities. Over 700 people have joined the Facebook group, and dozens have been attending meetings since January.

Administrator Celeste Walker said the group started with 12 individuals back in January. Their latest meeting had 130 people.

Walker says the group is now simply “stopping the bleeding” because topics vary week to week depending on actions being taken federally.

A top priority is encouraging the Campbell City Council to become a sanctuary city, as members are urging local government to draft a city proclamation.

Most recently, members attended the group’s first Orchard City Indivisible event on President’s Day called “Not My President’s Day.” Protesters rallied in front of San Jose city hall against President Trump and recent actions taken by his administration.

The next meeting will focus on action items including refocusing the Democratic National Committee and bridging the divide within the party.

Members are also forming subgroups around topics including divestment.

Orchard City Indivisible meets every Tuesday at 7 p.m.


The Indivisible Stanford group includes members of both the University and larger Palo Alto community. More than 460 people have joined the group’s Facebook page.

The main focus of the group, according to administrator Meghan Koushik, has been applying pressure on Representative Anna Eshoo (D-18). Members have organized stand-ins at her Palo Alto office, called for meetings and urged the congresswoman to advocate for bills that push their anti-Trump agenda.

“By having a direct relationship we can push her to do a lot more on issues she has a say in,” Koushik said.

Members have a meeting with Rep. Eshoo and her office staff March 6th.

In addition the group’s congressional focus, members are also cultivating relationships with Stanford law professors and other campus faculty to become educated on who they as citizens can be more active in state education, immigration and health care policy.

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