IPad Case With Keyboard Ends Those Notebook-Tablet Arguments

If you've been trying to decide between an iPad and a cute litte notebook, the Crux360 case may be just the thing to make those discussions moot.

The Crux isn't exactly the only iPad case with a built-in keyboard we've seen, but it is the first one, (apart from that home made job), that protects the iPad inside a hard shell just like an actual notebook.

In addition to working in notebook mode with its Bluetooth connected keyboard, the Crux360 has a swivel hinge that lets you use the case as a stand for what they call "movie mode", and which also lets you fold the iPad flat against the case so you can use it as the touch screen tablet it began life as.

The Crux360 is available for pre-order with deliveries expected next month, the price is $150.

Crux Case, via TechFresh

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