iPhone Sales Soar; Apple Stock Rises After Hours

Apple has become the phone company.

And that’s good news for investors in the Cupertino company, watching the stock price (AAPL) rise after the latest earning report.

78 million iPhones were sold over the last three months; Apple CEO Tim Cook telling reporters sales of the iPhone 7 Plus were especially strong.

As for the iPad? That’s falling hard. 13 million sold, and the number is dropping steadily from quarter to quarter.

Besides iPhones, Apple is making good money from its sales and services department – read, a lot of people are streaming music on Apple Music.

Not much love for the Mac (a decent 5.3 million sold), or the Watch (Cook will only say it’s the “best selling smart watch.”)

But, the phone is still hot, and there’s another one on the way.

Enough to keep investors buying.

Scott tracks Apple on Twitter: @scottbudman

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