Jenny Lin Remembered on the 25th Anniversary of Her Murder

The family of Jenny Lin gathered Friday for a celebration of life after a quarter of a century following her brutal death.

Lin was 14-year-old when she was stabbed to death in her Castro Valley home on May 27, 1994 and no arrests have been made.

The Lin family has a candlelight walk every year in honor of their daughter, they don’t want people to forget that police are still looking for her killer.

"We keep constantly reminding ourselves that one day this case is going to be solved," said her father John Lin.

With that in mind, John and Mei-Lian Lin were joined with dozens of people on their walk through the streets.

"As long as we keep hope and keep faith, things are going to start happening," said John, adding that it’s been a long and painful 25 years.

There have been leads in the case, but none have panned out. The sheriff is hoping that technology that didn’t exist back then, can help find the killer,

"We hope some of the items we have in evidence we can extract some form of the DNA put them into some of the various data bases that currently exist," said Greg Ahern from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.

Lin’s family remains holding on to that hope.

"I made a promise to my daughter at her gravesite that we will not rest until this case is solved," John said.

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