Judge Rules Convicted Rapist Blocked From Living in Fairfield, Concord Must Be Released

A man convicted of rape and assault must be released by the end of November even if he has yet to find a new home, a judge has ruled. 

The state has been looking for a home for Fraisure Smith for two years. Residents in an upscale Fairfield neighborhood successfully blocked his placement there in April. Most recently, people in Concord prevented the 51-year-old Smith from moving there as well.

"I believe their plan now is to place him to motels and move him from time to time,"

Patrick Harrington, who fought the effort to move Smith to a house on his street back in March, said he is worried someone convicted of multiple sexual assaults will be allowed to even live in a motel anywhere in his county.

"It's a risk issue for us," Harrington said. "We don't like it. We don't know what's going to happen or what he's going to do."

But others said people should not rush to judgment.

A convicted sex offender who said he is able to re-enter the Solano County community after serving his time said Smith can do it too.

'I'd say give him a chance," the convicted sex offender said. "You made your mistake. Now it's time to show people you can be an average person like everyone else."

Smith's attorney, Jim McEntee, said that is exactly what his client plans to do. He said Smith is not a danger and just wants to prove it.

"He's been locked up a very long time," McEntee said. "He's served every minute of his sentence. He's ready to move on."

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