Killer Whales Swim Into Monterey Harbor

Most of the time whale watching is done outside the harbor.

Salmon fisherman, tourists and even harbor seals got a rare treat this week when four Orca killer whales joined them in the Monterey Harbor - inside the breakwater.

One of those who got the treat was Keith Stemler who says he was at the end of a day of fishing for salmon when he noticed seals and wild birds acting a little strange. Then, four whales appeared just 15 feet off his boat. 

"I've never seen them that close," Stemler said.

Stemler says although he only captured three of the whales on video, there were actually four of them.

They've been identified as one male, two females and one child. There was no evidence that they were in danger and were apparently just looking for an evening snack of salmon. 

Stemler noticed that the local harbor seals jumped out of the way quickly and scampered on to docks as if they were afraid of a predator in their midst.

A longtime captain at the Monterey Harbor said that having killer whales inside the breakwater is extremely rare, only happening twice in his entire career.

The whales did not stay long, after a dip in the harbor, they strolled back up Cannery Row and out to the pacific.

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