Laptops Stolen in Armed Robbery at Oakland Coffee Shop

Customers at an East Oakland coffee shop were robbed of their laptops Thursday afternoon, police said.

Someone called dispatchers at 12:52 p.m. to report the robbery at World Ground in the 3700 block of MacArthur Boulevard, near Laurel Elementary School.

Police said the robber was armed with a gun when he went into the business and stole the computers.

Police said the suspect had on an orange vest and a bandanna over his face.

World Ground is a popular meeting place where students and teachers from nearby campuses congregate and compare notes over coffee.

The owner of the café’ for more than 20 years says it has always been crime free – until Thursday.

"Nope. Never been robbed, so this was shocking," Uffe Gustafsson said.

Gustafsson was making pastries in the back just before 1 p.m. when he heard yelling inside the café. He went to investigate.

"I saw this man with a handgun drawn," he said.

The suspect was still at large late Thursday night, police said.

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