Last Day For Exploratorium at Longtime Location

The exhibit has delighted tens of thousands since 1995

San Francisco's Exploratorium is offering free admission Wednesday, for its last day at the Palace of Fine Arts before the popular science museum moves down the waterfront to Pier 15 in April.

The Exploratorium, which opened at 10 a.m., will also mark  the end of its 43-year tenure at its current spot with a final ringing of its closing bell at 5 p.m., according to museum officials.

Lines were wrapping around the building by 11 a.m. as people wanted to take advantage of the free entrance and the final day at the current location.

The Exploratorium hosts more than 500,000 visitors annually and  offers hands-on exhibits about biology, physics and other scientific fields.

Since 1995, the museum has also helped train about 6,400  educators.

The new  Exploratorium will open at Pier 15 on April 17.

Here is the rundown of the final 90 minutes:   

  • 4:50 The High School Explainers ring the 10-minutes-till-moving bell and the Exploratorium staff will position themselves around the museum
  • 5:00 more bell ringing, but the staff will join in which means some 500 bells will be sounding around the museum. Staff will then self- sort around floor gently escorting visitors towards the exit
  • 5:05 The Field Trip Explainers (the college age explainers) will sing a goodbye song on the front stairway
  • 5:15 Visitors should be off the floor
  • 5:20 The gates will be closed for the last time. They will be closed by senior staff.
  • 5:25 champagne toasts will begin as a party begins for Exploratorium staff and supporters
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