Layoffs, Shakeups, Timeline Changes — What's Next for Twitter?

Layoffs, management shakeups, Kanye West, and an all-time low for the stock price.

Nothing is coming easy for Twitter lately; even the company Periscoping its quarterly earning call, a brilliant idea, came off as kind of awkward.

After an earning report that showed minimal growth, Wall Street sold off shares of the company’s (TWTR) stock, tumbling well below its IPO price (and down nearly 50 percent since co-founder Jack Dorsey took over as CEO).

On top of that, users are nervous about the company’s plan to alter its timeline.

Once the darling of social media, Twitter is facing some tough questions: Why is its live-streaming feature Periscope growing, but its new “Moments” button being met with a collective shrug?

Why, if absolutely must be instantly tweeted, is user growth flat?

And, if some on its management team say Twitter is too complicated to use, why is the team playing around with how we use it, in ways many say seem even more complex?

It’s the kind of frustration faced by companies like Yahoo and MySpace that are no longer nearly as relevant as they once were:

Why are Facebook, and Netflix, and Snapchat, and Instagram able to grow so fast, but not Twitter?

Feel free to weigh in on (where else?) Twitter. I’m @scottbudman

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