Jean Elle

Legal Marijuana Sales Approved for Outside Lands

The Outside Lands music festival is set to take place this weekend at Golden Gate Park, and for the first time at any major U.S. festival, marijuana will be available to purchase legally at the event.

The Bureau of Cannabis Control approved the temporary cannabis event permit Wednesday night. The San Francisco Office of Cannabis also signed off.

Those aged 21 and over will be able to purchase and consume marijuana in a special area of the event known as Grass Lands.

“Grass Lands has been a part of the event previously. It was just displays and education, and now for the first time this year you will be able to buy product and consume product if you are over 21,” said Sarah Madland of San Francisco Recreation and Parks.

Rec and Park said the Grass Lands area will be fenced off with tight security and ID checks.

Concert goers said they approve of the tight security and believe selling state regulated pot inside a venue where lots of people are using it will help keep people safe.

“It’s really important when doing things like this that kids don’t get mixed in,” said San Francisco resident Luis Sepulvedo.

“A lot of time you’ll have people selling it at Outside Lands and you don’t know what they’re putting in it. It can be laced with anything. It’s a good idea to regulate it,” Sepulvedo said.

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