San Francisco

Lighting Problem Persists at SF School Polling Place

The polling place at a San Francisco school experienced lighting problems Tuesday, and a poll inspector says things worsened as the day progressed.

The voting is taking place in a small lobby of Sheridan Elementary School, and the overhead lights are out. Inspector Deborah Nagle-Burks said she began calling the election hotline for help before she opened at 7 a.m.

Election workers first brought light bulbs, Nagle-Burks said, but there was no way to put them in. Another worker brought out a few floor lights.

Finally, a third worker had to exchange some of the voting units because they did not have working lights.

Nagle-Burks said she was worried because the problem may discourage voters.

"I have people i’m concerned about ... they need to vote and need to be safe," she said. "And not be worried in this neighborhood that it’s too frightening to be here in the dark."

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