Lightning, Excessive Heat, Gusty Winds: Bay Area Faced With Wild Weather

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No matter where you live in the Bay Area, you’ve been dealing with this weird, dangerous weather. It’s kind of par for the course for the way this year has been going: expect the unexpected.

The weekend of wild weather stretched into a third day Monday as people saw, heard and felt everything: rain in Napa, lightning and thunder stretching from Marin to San Jose, and excessive heat just about everywhere that’s not by the ocean.

“Either it’s so hot you’re just wilting or suddenly the wind is blowing like crazy, lightening strikes and thunder,” Sten Mawson of Woodside said.

Mawson planned on a morning run along Ocean Beach with a group of friends when the weather turned and forced them to alter their plans.

Wendy Newman lives in San Francisco and said she’s not used to planning around the weather, especially this time of year.

“Actually, we cut the run short on the beach because he saw lightning and rain and we were afraid that we were the tallest thing on the sand," she said.

For some East Coasters who have lived in California for nearly 50 years, this weather reminds them of summers in New York — a little bit of everything.

“It woke us up and people were outside,” Carole Mawson said. “We had our windows up and we could hear people going, ‘Wow! Wow!’ Everybody was looking outside.”

The risk of lightning even affected COVID-19 test sites Monday. All outdoor walk-in test sites in San Francisco were closed. Drive-through testing remained open.

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