Hollywood Comes to Mountain View's LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the world's most successful social networking companies, and now, it's going Hollywood. Or rather, Hollywood is coming to Mountain View.

The makers of Lee Daniels' upcoming film, "The Butler," are now advertising on LinkedIn, figuring promoting the movie on the career-based website will reap a boon at the box office - similarly to pushing out messages on Twitter, Facebook and the like.

"They were looking for a really unique environment," LinkedIn Director of Global Marketing Alison Lange Engel said.

This week,  company launched a promotional celebration for the film, about a fictional White House butler played by Forest Whitaker and features Robin Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda and more.

The Weinstein Co. also teamed with LinkedIn to promote the film. Three people who enter a contest will win a dream career experience in New York City, where they will receive access to a top recruiter and a career coach, the Hollywood Reporter first published. Users need to enter the contest through their LinkedIn accounts.

LinkedIn's marketing solutions business is quickly growing a way to reach social networkers with money. LinkedIn says the average user on its site makes $83,000 a year.

That will buy a lot of movie tickets.

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