Locals Crowd Oakland’s First Friday Art Festival

Oakland's First Friday Art Festival goes on with anti-violence theme

Thousands of people crowded into the First Friday Art Festival on Telegraph in Oakland Friday night.

They stood together to support the art community and oppose violence.

A deadly shooting after the February festival raised concerns about continuing the street party.

Organizers reduced the size of the party, banned alcohol and ended an hour early.

At "Rock Paper Scissors" the gallery was crowded with art lovers.

Ara Jo is confident the event can continue safely. "I think it's important to keep optimism but be mindful of what happened in the past," Jo said. 

There was a moment of silence at the main stage to remember 18 year old Kiante Campbell who was shot and killed after the February party.

At the anti-violence wall 18 year old Manuel Jube said he came to protest violence.

He is hoping the death of a young man will prevent more violence.

 "That was something we should look at and avoid conflict and avoid untimely demise which is unfortunate for someone his age," Juba said.

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