Look Out Below, San Francisco

Free air show Wednesday in the City

Some 100 parachutists fell from the skies above the City during the lunch hour Wednesday.  

The eye-candy was part of a commercial shoot for T-Mobile.

The jumpers had different landing spots including Justin Herman Plaza, the rooftop of a Pier 39 garage,  the Marina Green and Moscone Recreation Center.

Some of the jumpers flew to the City after forming the shape of a "T."    They were dressed in costumes, so it will looked like surfers, doctors and firemen were dropping from the sky.  And, yes, there will be one dressed up as Elvis.

The skydivers are from Skydiving Innovations, a professional parachute team out of San Diego.

The fun didn't stop there.  A separate airplane group also blew smoke along the Embarcadero between the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge.

T-Mobile set up a big screen at Justin Herman Plaza so the public could get a good view of all the action.

The project  was approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, the San Francisco Port Authority and the Recreation and Park Department.

The event was free for the watching,  but it's costing T-Mobile $17,500.  That's how much the city of San Francisco is charging the company to use us as a backdrop.

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