Make Your Monday Happy


Unless you're independently-wealthy, a lottery winner or someone who's Friday falls at the beginning of the week, nobody likes Mondays.

An 80s one-hit wonder made the prase famous, although we suspect many people had disdain for the day well before the Boomtown Rats hit the charts with "I Don't Like Mondays."

Don't mope around this Monday. Instead, head over to Cafe Royale in San Francisco, where a handful of comedians will be trying to pull everyone out of the beginning of the week slump -- for free.

Jeff Applebaum is the headliner. Sheila Bryson, Debbie Campo, Drew Harmon, Kaydee Kersten, Natasha Muse, Sean Sinha, and Tony Sparks are also on the agenda.

Maybe after you leave the show tonight, you won't be singing the sad tale of the most mundane day of the week.

The show starts at 7 p.m.

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