Stephen Ellison

Man Climbs Electrical Tower, Sparks Power Outage in Santa Rosa

PG&E cut power to roughly 22,000 Santa Rosa customers Wednesday night while negotiators talked a man down from the top of an electrical tower, police said.

Around 7:45 p.m., police took to social media to ask that people in the area of Pierson Street and Santa Rosa Creek, west of Highway 101, stay clear of police activity at that location.

Responding officers attempted to talk the man down but were not successful. A police hostage negotiation team was called to the scene, as were fire and medical crews as a precaution.

At about 9:15, a Santa Rosa Police Department tweet indicated they had talked the man down and taken him into custody.It was not initially clear whether he would be charged.

Power was restored about 30 minutes after it was cut.

Police said the man, identified only as a 50-year-old Santa Rosa resident, seemed to have climbed the tower in protest. At first, he said only that he was protesting Uncle Sam, police said. Later, he made some statements indicating that he wanted to harm himself and was subsequently placed on a psychiatric hold for evaluation.

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