Man Sues Apple for IOS-Tracking, Wins

Still upset about Apple tracking your every move? Maybe you should sue the tech giant in a Korean court.

One user did and won 1 million won -- the currency of South Korea. But before you rush to book that plane ticket, which will easily cost you at least $1,020, and file that suit, realize that 1 million won is only about $946.

You haven't really won anything, even if you could file suit in a foreign land.

Regardless, last May Apple Korea was ordered to pay Kim Hyung-suk, who works as an attorney, the amount.

Hyung-suk's law firm told Reuters it has already received payment from Apple and now it plans to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of other customers upset about the iPhone's ability to track its users whereabouts.

In May, Apple came under fire when it was revealed that Apple's iOS platform was able to track and collect user data.

Apple said it had a fix to stop the "bug" but others have accused the company, and some of its counterparts, of using the data for marketing purposes.

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