Man Survives Falling Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Debris

As Caltrans officials say engineers will work on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge overnight Friday, the driver who had the first chunk of concrete hit his car Thursday describes the frightening experience.

Graham Edwards had to make a split second decision when he saw pieces of concrete from the upper deck of the bridge heading toward his car.

"I must have tapped the breaks instinctively and that made the difference between it hitting the bumper and hitting the windshield," Edwards said.

Several of the rocks slammed against his bumper.

"It made a big bang, I was shaken not stirred I guess," he said.

He laughed about the experience but his wife Sarah wasn’t laughing when he called her right after it happened.

"I’ve never heard him freaked out before," she said.

He told her to call 911 and he kept going because he was on his way to catch a flight for a business trip.

His flight was cancelled so while driving back to Marin County to file a police report, he got to see the bridge closure and he traffic.

Work was supposed to start Monday but Caltrans said drivers an expect lane closures overnight Friday and possibly Saturday.

All repairs are expected to complete before the Monday morning commute.

"We ae just rolling with the punches the last few years," Sarah said.

The Edwards’ home barely survived the Sonoma wildfire, he got a flat tire Thursday and rocks barely missed his windshield on the bridge.

"So, I bought my first lottery ticket yesterday," Edwards said. "I feel the trifecta, missing the flight, having my tires flat and having a rock hit the car good odds. I feel super fortunate."

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