Marin County Residents Brace for Extended Outages

Thousands in Marin County have been in the dark since Friday and it could stay that way for at least another 48 hours.

Hardware stores, gas station and food joints that did have power quickly ran out of supplies. Many families are running out of patience as they wait for the lights to turn back on -- possibly as late as Friday.

The Marin City Senior Center has set up charging stations for people who need to juice up their phones, electronics and medical devices. Many families are complaining about the cold.

Meanwhile, meteorologists say ferociously strong winds are making a comeback and PG&E is moving forward with its third planned power outage in a week.

The blackouts are leading to some dangerous behavior. The South Marin Fire Department tweeted out a warning to people, urging them to not bring their generators inside. Crews have responded to multiple calls regarding carbon monoxide in living areas. Two of these cases had extreme levels of the toxic gas.

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