Marshland Fire at Homeless Encampment in Corte Madera

A 5.5-acre marshland fire broke out in Corte Madera on Thursday night at a homeless encampment, hours after authorities had asked several homeless people to clean up their tents and leave the area.
Marin Police Sgt. Hamid Khalili told NBC Bay Area that the cause of the fire, which was reported just before 11 p.m., is under investigation.
But he did add that roughly six homeless people were asked to leave the marshland area east of the Village Shopping Center about noon earlier that day.
Firefighters were able to contain the fire in about 90 minutes and evacuate several homeless people to safety. One propane tank exploded into flames as well.
Authorities will conduct a detailed search of the area when the sun comes up seeking more clues about the blaze, which was seen by many passers by.
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