Occupy Winter

Occupy Wall Street

Could LA become a new focus of the Occupy Wall Street movement?

It's not an unreasonable question -- particularly given the change of seasons.

Winter is coming. The Northeast got an untimely snowstorm this weekend. As things get cold in other parts of the country, there may be a temptation among some protestors to keep the spirit alive -- but protect themselves by heading to warmer climates.

California, then. And since Oakland and San Jose are under constant police presence, and since San Francisco is just too cold, LA makes the most sense as a winter home of sorts for the Occupiers.

If the weather brings more people to the Occupy Los Angeles encampment around City Hall, it would put additional pressure on city officials. Los Angeles' elected leaders have been friendly to the occupiers. But patience is wearing thin. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says the protests can't go on forever.

But using the police to remove protestors poses a risk. And given LA's weather advantages, a law enforcement action against Occupy LA might well provide just the excuse occupiers in colder climes might need to head to the West Coast. 

If LA's leaders want to roust Occupy, they may have to wait. Until next spring.

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