McDonald's Opens Tech Incubator in San Francisco

Fast food giant is poaching engineers and techies from other firms

In this day and age, even a job at McDonald's pays more than what you've been making for years.

Provided it's a job at McDonald's new tech incubator in San Francisco's Mid-Market neighborhood.

The global fast food purveyor is jumping into the tech game, opening up an office near Twitter and hiring engineers away from Yahoo, AOL, and Facebook, according to reports.

TechCrunch notes that McDonald's is testing digital payments and also slapped an app available for download on the side of its french fry packages.

What, exactly, will these young bright minds be producing on top of that? Catch-up, mostly: McDonald's realizes that Starbucks's payment app is making waves and that it needs some digital footprint, of some kind, according to Spectrum.

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