Meet Gov. Brown's Most Trusted Advisor, His Wife

Governor Jerry Brown is the man in charge of California, but he has a very important woman by his side. Her name is Anne Gust and not only is she the governor’s special counsel, she’s also his wife.

Brown created this unique -- and unpaid -- role to make sure that his most trusted advisor is by his side 24/7. “I’ve known her a long time and I know that she has great insight, she can grasp situations very quickly and she’s lots of fun to work with.”

The two have vastly different styles and personalities, with Governor Brown calling Anne “focused, efficient and directed”.

He says she’s a constant source of great advice, which is important to a man who’s always bringing work home with him. “Relaxation doesn’t really show up in the way I see the world”, says Governor Brown.

Anne admits the two of them differ in this regard. “He loves what he’s doing and finds it invigorating. The notion of going on vacation is just a strange thought to him, because he feels like everyday is a vacation.”

While she revels in working in the public sector, “I need my relaxation," she says.

When asked what would surprise people the most about the governor, Anne says “he’s very sweet, very affectionate and sweet.”

And for those wondering if there’s been any criticism about this unusual appointment, Brown answers, “Not yet. I’m sure there’s always tomorrow, but not yet.”

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