Milpitas Police Search for Leads in Shopping Center Sideshow

A group of people connected to a car club organized a sideshow in the parking lot of Milpitas Square on Wednesday night, authorities said.

Milpitas Police found several hundred people and multiple street-racing vehicles at the shopping center.

Police said the gathering became unruly and that people began jumping on top of cars belonging to patrons shopping at Milpitas Square. The scene escalated into a sideshow with vehicles performing “donuts” and “burnouts” in the parking lot.

Officers spotted a grey 1998 Ford Mustang driving recklessly and arrested the driver, 18-year-old Oakland resident Jesus Alejandro Piza-Espinoza. Piza-Espinoza was booked at Santa Clara County Jail for reckless driving in an off-street parking facility and for resisting arrest.

Police Officers from several different agencies arrived at Milpitas Square to help break up the crowd of people and vehicles at the sideshow. According to Bay City News, the Milpitas Police Department said that the sideshow was an “unusual” event for the area, but noted that two similar events had a occurred in the last year near Milpitas Square

Anyone with any information about this sideshow is encouraged to call the Milpitas Police Department at 408-586-2400.

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