San Francisco

More Pokemon Go Crawls Planned for San Francisco

Pokemon Go has been the talk of the town for the past several weeks and despite the recent San Francisco crawl event that gathered over 9,000 fans, Pokemon enthusiasts still want more.

A new San Francisco Pokemon crawl event has surfaced Facebook and is being described as “the world’s first massive lure drop.” A lure drop is a technical term in the virtual game that can summon Pokemon creatures when thousands of players gather at multiple locations.

Although this event has not gathered as many RSVP’s as the previous one, San Francisco’s Sue Bierman Park is still expected to have over 500 Pokemon trainers.

Another Pokemon crawl is being held Friday night in the Castro, “Go on the Rainbow trail and catch some Pokemon,” stated the Facebook event. The event will begin near Dolores Park and will make its way to Lookout, where the entrance fee will be waived if you show your Pokemon app on your phone.

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