Mount Hamilton Gets (More) Snow

The Bay Area peak is winter white.

San Jose's Mount Hamilton got a bona fide dumping of snow this weekend.

The Lick Observatory, which tends to get snow at least once a year, was hit with the white stuff both Saturday and Sunday.

The area is off limits to the public, but videos uploaded on YouTube (see below) show the landmark is a winter wonderland on this final day of the winter season. (Spring officially begins tomorrow).

The wild weather that dumped inches of rain in the Santa Cruz mountains and feet of snow in the Sierra, is still making news here in the Bay Area.

There is a high surf warning up along the coast and forecasters say that hail and thunderstorms are possible through the rest of the day.

The work week is forecast as unsettled with more rain possible all the way through next weekend.

We thank Lick Observatory Deputy Director John Wareham for sending us the following videos:

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