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Movie Theaters, Gyms Welcome Maskless Customers Back In

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A handful of moviegoers enjoyed a maskless matinee Tuesday afternoon at Walnut Creek’s Century Theatre as masks and social distancing were no longer required. 

“I feel great, I can’t breathe in those masks,” said a movie goer.

While folks are returning to the cinema for the first time in months, some aren’t ready to lose the mask quite yet.

“I think we choose to wear our masks,” said moviegoer Denise Milner. “Just to be as safe as we can when we’re out still.”

Mandy Kroha also said she was setting an example saying, “they still have to wear a mask.” 

Bay Area gyms can also now operate at full indoor capacity; most gym goers say they’re breathing much easier without their masks on today. 

“It feels really great. It feels really liberating, it feels exciting for what it means for the state and it just feels nice not to have a sweaty mask on my face,” said  gym goer Michael Whittemore.

Urban Fitness in Oakland says members must submit their vaccination cards to work out inside without a mask but they have outside options available too. 

“We still have options if people want to work out with a mask on, they don’t want to get vaccinated or show a vaccination card they can either wear a mask or work out outside,” said Noah Kinner of Urban Fitness. 

While many are ready for full-out reopening, others say they’re still warming up to the idea. 

“I think I’ll slowly take it off just to make other people comfortable to like if they’re not vaccinated yet so I’m still wearing my mask when I can,” said gym goer Alec.

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