Napster Creator Unhappy With the Facebook Movie

Napster bad boy Sean Parker isn't at all thrilled about his portrayal in "The Social Network." 

Parker sat down with the Financial Times, to talk about his dislike of Justin Timberlake's character.


The film did make him famous, I point out. Surely that has its uses? Parker contests that. “If you Google me, every five minutes someone will talk about me and they will say, ‘That guy is a jerk’, or ‘He’s an a**hole’ and then strangely every once in a while someone will say, ‘That guy’s so awesome’. I’m, like, Uuuggh. I was perfectly capable of doing what I wanted in my life without this.”


Mark Zuckerberg expressed similar sentiments about the movie, in that much of it seemed fictional, but unlike Parker, Zuckerberg has a more joking attitude about it. Cheer up Sean, you're stake in Facebook is worth $2 billion!

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