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Nationwide Tampon Shortage Affecting Bay Area Stores

A P&G spokesperson said the shortage is happening because of an increase in demand.

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Another shortage is rattling shoppers across the Bay Area, but this time it's hitting feminine care products.

Tampons are running low on shelves across the country and it’s happening amid rising prices.

NBC Bay Area’s Stephanie Magallon went to five different stores across San Francisco Saturday, including CVS and Target, and the stores were all running low on tampons.

“Thankfully, I actually recently just bought a box. But I feel it’s crazy that’s happening,” said San Francisco resident Nicole Sager.

The brand missing the most on shelves is Tampax. Its maker, Procter & Gamble (P&G) recently confirmed to NBC News that some consumers may currently be unable to find what they need.

In fact, CVS has also confirmed, in recent weeks there have been times when suppliers have not been able to fulfill their entire orders of feminine care products.

The situation has some people feeling worried and frustrated.

“It’s frustrating and kind of a good representation of where we are at as a country,” said San Francisco resident Andrea Arteaga.

“It’s a necessity. It’s kind of like toilet paper. So, it’s kind of scary. Not sure why it’s happening,” said Sager.

A P&G spokesperson said it’s happening because of an increase in demand, but added the company is working with retailers and producing tampons 24/7 to make sure these shelves aren’t empty.

“I’d be a little nervous. Panicking,” Sager said.

According to data cited by Bloomberg, the average price of tampons has gone up nearly 10% in the past year and experts blame the rising price of raw materials like cotton.

Shoppers are now wondering, what’s next?

"Overall, public trust in being able to access just basic resources. Yeah, its not looking so great," Arteaga said.

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