Neighbor Helps Neighbor Finish Roofing Job, Changes Neighbor's Mind on Humanity

If you've ever replaced a roof, or simply watched someone do it, then you know can be tiring. It’s even harder for one man, especially an older one.

Laying shingles has been Dubiel's chore of the summer. He’s spent a few hours every day on top of his Fremont home for the past three months.

"Last year, when it started raining we got a bunch of leaks through the ceiling in the family room,” said the 75-year-old.

This week, Dubiel's neighbor, David Perez, noticed the slow progress.

"I'd see him up there on his hands and knees, trying to place the shingles,” Perez said.

Perez doesn't have any roofing skills but he wanted to help. He snapped a picture of Dubiel working on his roof and posted it to his 100 or so friends on Facebook.

“I just kept thinking, at that age, if that was my dad, I wish somebody would help,” Perez said.

By Friday night, the post was shared more than 1,200 times. As a result, a few experts are coming over to install the rest of the shingles on Saturday.

Perez asked Dubiel if that would work.

“First thing I asked, well yeah I wouldn't mind getting some help how much will you charge,” Dubiel said. “And he said he wasn't going to charge anything. He was just a neighbor that realized I needed some help."

Others are chipping in to provide meals and snacks so Dubiel can relax.

“They did it without any thought of getting a return other than the satisfaction of knowing that they helped someone,” Perez said.

What took months for Dubiel to start, just took a picture to help finish. It was a simple gesture that’s made a life-long impression.

"It's changed my mind on humanity somewhat,” Dubiel said. “Because, for a while, there I was getting pretty discouraged.”

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