New 8GB Nook Tablet Coming Soon

Internal documents suggest the new Nook will be released on Feb. 22 at Walmart.

Raymond Wong/DVICE

Barnes & Noble might be feeling the heat from Amazon's $200 Kindle Fire. Although its Nook Tablet is more powerful than the Kindle Fire in virtually every way, it still costs $50 more. A new Nook Tablet with less storage and a lower price tag could make it more competitive with the Kindle Fire.

The Verge has obtained internal documentation pointing to a Nook Tablet with 8GB of storage (half as much as the current $250 Nook Tablet) that'll be released at Walmart.

While pricing wasn't unveiled, it's believed the 8GB Nook Tablet should be closer to that of the Kindle Fire's $200 price to better compete directly.

Logically speaking, we wouldn't be surprised if the 8GB Nook Tablet is launching to replace the Nook Color. After all, the Nook Tablet does everything a Nook Color does and then some. There's really no reason for the Nook Color to exist anymore with the Nook Tablet being more capable.

Let's just hope Barnes & Noble has some sense and doesn't cut any features like the microSD card slot.

Do you own a Nook Tablet? How has your experience been so far?

Via The Verge

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