New Apple Tablet Rumors Come With a Release Date

"Insider" says he has inside sources telling him Apple has started production on the tablet

Apple's long rumored tablet is finally being built, according to rumors.

But even the latest rumblings of the fabled tablet's imminent unveiling should not get Apple enthusiasts too excited. If the reports are true that Apple has started producing 1 million tablets per month until an April launch date, the fact remains that Steve Jobs groupies will not see a shiny 10.1-inch touch screen until next spring.

Oppenheimer analyst Yair Reiner says he has inside sources telling him Apple is indeed working on a tablet computer despite the historically secretive company's continual refusal to even acknowledge.

Reiner said his contacts are in the U.S. and they are saying Apple is also shopping an "attractive" deal to book publishers, which he says means the giant iPod will double as an e-book reader.

For month's Apple lovers and industry cronies have salivated over a potential tablet for Apple. Many thought the iPhone and MacBook maker would want to make a splash in the growing netbook market.

But if the price of the JooJoo tablet -- one of the first to hit the market -- is any indicator, Apple will price itself out of the netbook arena. Reiner says he hears Apple is floating a $1,000 price tag for its tablet. We'll just have to wait until spring, or next week's rumor, to find out.

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