New Program Aims to Control Feral Cat Population in Milpitas

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Milpitas has a new plan to keep the city's stray cats in check, and it includes a combination of traps, clinics and the community.

Thanks to a grant from the local Farrington Historical Foundation and the city of Milpitas, Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) now has dozens of traps to set out wherever they get calls about feral cats.

"What we're trying to do is trap these cats, bring them in to our clinic, where they'll get altered, they'll get their vaccines, and then they'll go right back out to where they came from," Melissa Robinson with HSSV said.

The cats will not be up for adoption. They will be returned to where they were found.

The city wants to make sure the cats don't overpopulate.

"You don't want an abundance of them," Nannette Colton of Milpitas said. "I mean, it's better to keep them fixed and healthy than it is to have them running wild and spreading more disease."

People who spot a feral cat in their Milpitas neighborhood are asked to tell HSSV where the cat is and describe it. The humane society will handle the situation from there.

"We're going to send teams out there, and we're going to catch them," Robinson said.

HSSV said it costs about $100 to take care of and fix a stray cat.

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