Napa County Issues Shelter at Home Order Effective Friday

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Napa County on Wednesday joined other Bay Area counties in issuing a shelter at home order to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The order goes into effect on Friday right after midnight.

The order requires residents to stay home unless they are engaged in essential activities. People who are sick should self-isolate if possible from other family members.

Residents from across the Bay Area flocked to Napa for services already shut down in their home counties after shelter in place orders took effect across the region. Napa County has issued a shelter in place order to go into effect Friday. Terry McSweeney reports.

Essential activities include getting services and supplies for themselves, their family, household members and pets.

Residents can engage in outdoor activity such as walking, hiking, biking and running if they comply with social distance requirements to keep at least 6 feet from another person.

Also allowed are caring for a family member or pet in another household and performing work to provide essential products and services at an essential business.

Essential businesses include health care operations, grocery stores, farmers' markets, food banks, convenience stores, radio, television, newspapers and other media services, gas stations, auto supply and repair facilities, banks and related financial institutions.

The order is mandatory and it is a misdemeanor to not comply. The order is in effect until April 7 unless it is extended, rescinded, superseded or amended by Public Health Officer Dr. Karen Relucio.

The full order is available at

On Wednesday Bay Area residents from as far away as Alameda County flocked to Napa to receive services that had already shut down in their areas.

Amber Prescott, a Napa hairstylist, said that calls were pouring in from people in other counties.

"We've had a lot of people," she said. "I had two clients from Berkeley today. Their stylists were shut down."

"We're just trying to cram everybody in and get everybody settled and everyone's hair looking great before this happens."

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