North Beach Looking at Ditching Parking for Dining

San Francisco's ongoing plan to make the City more pedestrian friendly at the expense of drivers is setting it sights on North Beach.

A new plan would let restaurant owners set up curbside tables where parking currently is along parts of Columbus Avenue.

The North Beach trial -- if approved by the the City in two weeks -- would be a test program to see if it can be expanded to other parts of San Francisco.

Under the program, restaurants would apply for a permit to convert the space for dining use. Some business owners told the San Francisco Chronicle they supported the idea. The City already ran a one day trial run in September.

But the plan would exasperate an already desperate parking situation in North Beach and some businesses that aren't restaurants aren't that excited about the idea.

The idea has the support of both Mayor Gavin Newsom and the local supervisor but they swear they will work with the neighborhood before rolling out the red carpet for street side dining.

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