San Francisco

November Election: San Francisco Voters to Decide on Affordable Housing for Teachers

Every school day, Kimberly Rosario wakes up to drive from her home in Sacramento to San Francisco's Mission High.

"The magic wakeup time is 3:30 in the morning, on the road by 3:50 in the morning, arriving to school no later than 5:30 in the morning and then trying to get that rest before school starts," Rosario said.

The geometry teacher and Bay Area native says she makes about $70,000 a year and would make less in Sacramento.

"I left the Bay Area because the cost of living was increasing," Rosario said. "But if the cost of living was affordable for teachers, that would help a ton."

There are two propositions on the Nov. 5 ballot that could help.

Proposition A, an affordable housing bond, and Proposition E, which would allow the city to rezone areas for affordable housing and housing for teachers.

Anabel Ibanez, political director for the teachers union, supports both.

"The affordability crisis is a big issue," Ibanez said. "We believe it's in the right direction. It will provide housing to those educators who really need them."

Critics say lawmakers can already allow housing on public areas on a case-by-case basis. Even Rosario says even if Prop. E passes, it will be too late for her. But she cares too much about her students to leave just yet.

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