Oak Grove School District to Shut Down Three Elementary Schools

Oak Grove School District is shutting down Del Roble, Glider and Miner Elementary Schools due to problems with state funding and low enrollment.

Many parents are demanding answers, specifically those who moved to the area so their children could attend one of the schools now being shut down.

Shaun Tanner and his wife moved to the Del Roble neighborhood so their three kids could attend the school.

“We don’t want these schools closed,” said parent Shaun Tanner. “They don’t need to be closed.”

Despite growing anger among parents whose children attend these schools, Oak Grove School Districts says come fall, Del Roble, Glider and Miner elementary schools will still close.

According to the school districts, the closures come due to “a decline in enrollment,” “fiscal challenges,” and “increasing costs.”

“If that were true, we would see empty houses, we would see empty apartments, we would see fewer children in the area and that is definitively false,” said Tanner.

It’s unclear where many of these students will go to school next year, but the school board says they’ll have an answer for parents no later than March.

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