Oakland Actually Makes Popular Parking Change

Street sweeping will no longer interfere with downtown nightlife.

NBC 5 News

If you're out past midnight in downtown Oakland, you won't have to leave your stool at the bar to move your car.

That's because the city has announced that it will move street sweeping hours downtown from midnight to 3am.

So now you won't risk a ticket until the bars and clubs are already closed.

The current situation has done nothing to help small businesses that entertain folks late at night, and A Better Oakland applauds the decision.

A grace period will be in place until November 30th as the new signs are put in place, with parking enforcement leaving notifications instead of citations until then.

Of course, none of this helps you if you're too drunk to drive and have to leave your car overnight while sleeping it off.

Jackson West actually supports increased meter rates and hours.

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