Oakland Bike Shop Offers Free E-Bike Test Rides

The "New Wheel" bike shop let people test ride over 100 E-bikes for free on Sunday

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People interested in lowering their carbon footprint had the chance Sunday to test ride over 100 E-bikes for free at the "New Wheel" bike shop in Oakland. 

Electric bikes are a good way for people to get around without breaking a sweat, whether that be a work commute or just going for a leisure ride. 

A single-battery electric bike can go about 50 miles on a charge, though the exact range can depend on factors like terrain or weather. E-bikes can be charged simply by plugging them into an ordinary wall outlet. 

But don’t expect the bike to do all the work. Using an E-bike is similar to riding a regular bicycle, but with electricity helping push the pedals. E-bikes use torque sensors to measure how much pressure is being put on the pedals, and use that info to adjust how much the motor assists the rider. 

All this technology doesn’t come cheap. The price of an E-bike at the New Wheel starts at around $2,000.

For more information, visit newwheel.net.

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