Oakland Man Accused of Impersonating Cop Due in Court

Sergio Taylor once dreamed of becoming a police officer but actual police in the East Bay say the Oakland man’s dream has crossed into criminal behavior.

Taylor was back in court Thursday after an Oakland Police Officer claims he spotted him pulling someone over Sunday.

The officers said Taylor was driving a Chevy Impala that had a blue and red flashing light on the dashboard.

He said he wasn't able to catch up to Taylor who allegedly got in his car and raced towards the freeway, but Taylor said it wasn't him and says hr has an alibi to prove it.

"I never identified myself as a police officer. I’ve always identified myself as security, same thing as it says on my uniform," Taylor said. "I don’t know how someone would be able to identify themselves as police when it clearly states in broad daylight 'Security.'"

If you scroll through Taylor's social media however, you could mistake him for a sworn officer. He poses with what appears to be a badge, duty belt, body camera and even a canine officer.

Taylor said he works for a security company based in Oakland names All About Security.

NBC Bay Area reached out to them but have not heard back.

The judge increased Taylor's bail to $45,000 Thursday, he'll return to court Friday to prove he's made bail.

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