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Protesters Trying to Shut Port Again

Some protesters are reconvening at the Port of Oakland Thursday morning.



    Protesters Trying to Shut Port Again
    Christie Smith / NBC Bay Area
    Some graffiti and vandalism took place along Occupy Oakland's protest route. Reportedly, it was a "splinter group" and some protesters are attempting to clean the graffiti themselves.

    Protesters are reconvening at the entrance to the Port of Oakland this morning, this time with cones and fencing at Third and Seventh streets where they intersect Adeline Street.

    At least one big-rig driver left his truck to confront protesters before continuing on into the port.

    BART stations at 14th Street and Ogawa Plaza (City Center) have closed the entrances and exits that lead directly toward the protesters, encampments.

    A news release from the port last night at 10:30 p.m. stressed the port's focus on safety and security of everyone involved in the general strike. It also stressed that, at the time, "maritime operations remain effectively shut down."

    A reported "splinter group" broke away from the Occupy Oakland protest and left vandalism and graffiti along the march's route through downtown, toward the port.

    Some protesters are attempting to remove the graffiti themselves, using Windex and towels.