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Officer Hurt, Arrests Made After Sideshows, Street Races in San Jose

"The sideshows are a problem throughout the Bay Area," a San Jose police officer said

One officer was hurt, four people were arrested and five cars were impounded following sideshow activity and street races in the South Bay early Monday, according to police.

The series of sideshows in San Jose came just one week after drivers blocked roads to perform "donuts" and other stunts in the South Bay city and two days after droves of motorcyclists popped "wheelies" and clogged roads in the East Bay.

"The sideshows are a problem throughout the Bay Area," Lt. Brian Anderson with the San Jose Police Department said. "With the advent of how well people can communicate with each other, these sideshows pop up all over the Bay Area."

The officer injured on Sunday suffered scrapes and bruises after being hit a car in the area of Hostetter Road near Interstate 680, which was just one of multiple sideshow scenes across San Jose involving hundreds of cars, according to Anderson.

"When you're out on a public street doing 'donuts' or excessive speed and so forth, you run the risk of losing control of the vehicle and crashing into other vehicles or pedestrians," Anderson said. "It also does a lot of property damage to the roadways and also to the properties that are off the streets, too."

The driver who struck the officer was not identified or located, according to police. The driver in question is described as a clean-shaven male is his early 20s in a maroon or brown two-door Nissan 240SXE.

Officers on Sunday also responded to reports of streets racers and sideshows in the area of Tully Road and Capitol Expressway where racers were gathering in the parking lot of an In-N-Out. Other racers were reported to be in the area of Aborn Road and Capitol Expressway as well.

The four people detained by officers were arrested for reckless driving and outstanding warrants, according to police.

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