San Francisco Police Shoot, Kill Armed Suspect in Bernal Heights Park

San Francisco police shot and killed a suspect Friday after he pointed a gun at them in the city's Bernal Heights neighborhood, police said.

Deputy Chief Lyn Tomioka said that at around 7:10 p.m. Friday, officers responded to 911 calls from citizens walking in Bernal Heights Park who reported a man walking around with a gun inside the park.

Officers responded to the scene and encountered the suspect, who then pointed his weapon at police, Tomioka said.

"It does appear that he drew that weapon and officers responded and shot him," Tomioka said.

More than one officer opened fire at the suspect, officials said.

Tomioka said the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene and a gun was found near where the suspect fell.

Police said that they don't believe the suspect to be a transient.

San Francisco police chief Greg Suhr will hold a community meeting in the Bernal Heights neighborhood early next week, SFPD said.

The SFPD homicide investigators, the district attorney's office, the Office of Citizen Complaints and Crime Scene Investigations Unit are involved in the investigation.

The officers involved in the shooting will be placed on paid administrative leave as per standard protocol, police said.

Anyone with information on this incident should call the police at (415)-553-1444.

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