Wearable ‘Connected' Fitness Bra Featured at CES

With most of the big CES news seemingly focused on virtual reality, it's almost comforting to know that consumers also want some practicality in their electronics.

While the big headlines here in Las Vegas are taken up by sensors, goggles, and concept cars that cost a small fortune, plenty of people are stopping to look at a bra.

A Canadian startup has given us what's being called the first "connected sports bra." It's called the OMbra, and it combines a regular sports bra with several built-in sensors to track your fitness.

The company figures women will be wearing a sports bra while exercising anyway, and this way you can track your progress as you go.

It's not only wearable, but washable (you remove some of the sensors first), and it retails for $150.

We also saw what's being called the first "connected shower head." This, from a company called Hydrao, connects a shower head to your smartphone, to let you know if you're conserving properly, and how you can better help the environment.

It lights up to tell you how

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